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2018 Topics
Exceptions To The General Rule
Welcoming 2018 - New Year, New Laws!
Incorporating One Agreement Into Another
2017 Topics
Independent Contractors vs. Employees
Contractors Beware
Limit Respond Defect Claim Right Repair
DPT 1st Assessment Non Wage
Getting Paid!
What To Do When You Get A CSLB Complaint Form Letter
PAGA Decision
Subcontract Agreements
The Right To Repair Act
Is Your Settlement Enforceable?
New CSLB Disciplinary Tool
But What About My Emotional Distress
2016 Topics
Citations Will Continue To Haunt A Licensee
Independent Contractor or Employee - Workers' Compensation
License Board Scrutinizing Solar Contractors
Getting Paid
Help Is Here
Getting Paid! Between Mechanic's Liens and Stop Payment Notices
Hello, 2016...Hello, New Laws!
Practical Tips on Drafting Construction Contracts
Workers' Compensation Insurance
A Broken Promise... Written Versus Oral Contracts
Chalk Up One For The Contractor: Kind Of
Getting Paid! Statutory Requirements...
2015 Topics
Contractors License Bond Amount Is Going Up
Subordination Agreements and Your Mechanic’s Lien
Protect Your License
Contractors and Insurance
15 Requirements For Home Improvement Salespersons
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Fabrication and Prevailing Wage
Duty Of Care
Hire Licensed Contractors
Slip and Fall Claim
Failure To Report A Judgment
California Construction Contracts
Supplemental – Contractors License Bond Amount is Going Up – Part 2
2014 Topics
Employer Liability For Employee's Personal Use Of Vehicle
Beware of New Extended Time Limitations On Prevailing Wages
Serving Your Lawsuit
Simple Ways For Contractors To Protect Themselves
Licensure and the Miller Act
Protecting Your Rights On A Public Works Project
Payment Precedence Over Lender
Determining The Timing Of Bond Claims
What is the correct prejudgment interest rate on a Mechanic’s Lien dispute against an owner; 7% or 10%?
Right To Repair Act Protects Builder For Claims Arising After Owner Makes Repairs
Arbitration and Licensure
A Mechanic’s Lien Can Be Extinguished Following A Transfer By Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
2013 Topics
Design Professionals Duty
The Miller Act - Federal Project Bond Claims
A New Consideration In Deciding Whether To Settle A Case in Litigation
Licensure and Substantial Compliance
Failure To Provide Notice Under The Right To Repair Act Allows Contractor To Freeze Litigation
Commercial Contracts May Shorten The Statutes of Limitations
Contract Value May Limit The Amount Of A Lien Claim
Valid Arbitration Clause
Green Building
Arbitration & Nonsignatories
Being Unlicensed Can Gorge You
Prompt Payment Penalties Overview
2012 Topics
Contractors Entitled to Attorneys Fees Through Performance Bond
Insurance Companies Can Choose Not To Defend Construction Claims Based On Exclusions
What's In A Name
Attorneys Fees In Stop Payment Notice Actions
Legislative Changes Affecting The Construction Industry Effective July 2012
Public Works Change Orders
Liability In Workplace Injury
Public or Private Works?
Know Your Contract
The Sword and The Shield
The Use of Salesperson For Activities Other Than Sales
Complying With CC&R's Is Important
2011 Topics
Undeveloped Property Taken Away With No Recovery
Written Settlement Terms May Be Inadmissible
Workers' Compensation and Discrimination
An In Depth Explanation Of Latent and Patent Defects
Neutral Arbitrator Does Not Have To Disclose Prior Business Dealings
Works Of Improvement
Public Contract Code Bid Violations
Does Operating Out Of Name Style Make Contractor Unlicensed?
Advisory Against Using Independent Contractors
Public Works Cannot Collect On Oral Authorization
Legislative Changes Affecting The Construction Industry Effective January 2012
2010 Topics
Lis Pendens vs Slapp Motion
Mechanics Lien Form To Change Effective January 2011
Construction Manager on Private Works Do Not Need To Be Licensed
Contracts And The Prevailing Party
Nondisclosure Of Material Information
Workers Compensation
Attorneys Fees
Lease With An Option To Buy
What Is An Equitable Easement
Re-Employment Rights
Purchase And Sale Option To Purchase
Referral Fees Revisited
Referral Fees
Contractors License Law
Workers Compensation And Insurance
2009 Topics
Arbitration (Part 2)
Referral Fees
Arbitration (Part 1)
Mechanics Lien Form To Change Effective January 1, 2011
The Seller Of Property Has A Duty To Disclose The Existence of Lawsuits Alleging Defects In A Condominium
Wrap-Up Liability Insurance Also Known As Consolidated or Controlled Insurance Program (CIP)
Ten Year Statue Of Limitations On Construction Defect Actions
Harassment In Employment
Duty To Defend Insured Where A Third Party Sustains An Injury
Latent Defects Not In Settlement Agreement
Liability For The Condominium Association May Be Different Than The Individual Directors
Substitution In Public Works Projects
Alleging And Proving The Requirement For Arbitration
Things Ain't Getting Any Better - Controller Freezes Payments On Transportation Projects
2008 Topics
Start From The Top
Opportunities In Green Building
State Halts Funding Of Public Works
What is a Slapp Motion?
Contractor Who Did Nothing Wrong May Have To Defend and Indemnify
Corporate Agreements
Another Case on Substantial Compliance
The Constitutionality of Mechanics Liens, Stop Notices and Bonds
More On Arbitration
Public Works Construction
Good Faith Settlements
More On Arbitration of Employee Disputes
Proof Of License and Licensure
'No Match Letters' Are The Subject Of Substantial Controversy
2007 Topics
The Right To Attorneys Fees
Recent Legislation Importance
Unlicensed Corporations Cannot Recover On A Payment Bond
Action On Breach Of Warranty Looses
Attention Contractors!
The Deductible In Insurance Policies
Waiver of Contractual Arbitration
The War Over Worker's Compensation
False Reports To Worker's Compensation Equals An Unlicensed Contractor
When is a Project Complete?
Contractor Licensing
Premature Recordation of a Mechanic's Lien may Invalidate the Lien
Are Roofing Shingles Consumer Products? Maybe!
Can An Non-Prevailing Wage Employee Of A Subcontractor Sue The Prime Contractor?
2006 Topics
Additional Insured Coverage
Construction Companies Must Control Their Earth Moving Operation in Proper Manner
Public Works and the Importance of the Payment Bond
Arbitration Clause V. Service of Suit Clause
Public Agency's Choice License Classification Requirement Upheld
The Court Will Not Allow The Contractor To Contradict Its Previous Complaint
Another Victory For The Subcontractors
How To Use The California Preliminary Notice To Collect Payment Bonds
Class Action Lawsuit and Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements V. Consumer Arbitration Agreements
Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses: Court Denies Forum Selection Clauses and Class Action Waiver
Should I Walk? Should I Terminate?
What's Going On At The Department Of Consumer Affairs?
Can A Third Party Compel Arbitration?
Hammering the Contractor
Collecting Your Money... Our Workbook & Disk
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