Custom Contracts & Forms

The Law Offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman can create personalized, custom contractors for your use. Some of the types of contracts that we regularly prepare include:

1.     Home Improvement Contracts
        (Complies with Contractors' License Law Home Improvement requirements)
        (includes Waiver of Right to Cancel if requested)
  • Home Improvement Contract (standard)
  • Home Improvement "job-ticket" or "invoice" format
  • Home Improvement Swimming Pool Contract
  • Home Improvement Contract (craft specific - i.e. plumbing, roofing, electrical, etc)

2.     Service and Repair Contract 
        (For contracts under $750)
        (Complies with Contractors' License Law Home Improvement requirements)

3.     Commercial Construction Contract
        (Does not comply with Contractors' License Law Home Improvement requirements)

4.     Subcontracts
        (Neutral as to whether it favors prime contractors or subcontractors)
        (In favor of prime contractor)
        (In favor of subcontractor)

5.     Master Subcontract
        (Includes Work Authorization)

6.     New Residential Construction Contract

All Contracts have numerous options for you to consider, such as: 
  • Size/Layout
         * Legal or letter size paper
  • Logo
         *Include your logo if you can transmit it to us in an appropriate electronic format
         *Leave space in order for your printer to insert your logo
  • Arbitration/Attorneys Fees
         *Contain an arbitration provision
         *Contain an attorneys fees provision
         *Contains both an arbitration provision and an attorneys fees provision
         *The option of having both an arbitration provision and/or an attorneys fees provision as attachments
         *Does not contain either an arbitration provision or an attorneys fees provision
  • Camera Ready or Electronic PDF
         *Camera ready copy for your printer to print
         *Electronic PDF copy with "fill-in-the-blank" fields to fill out and print in-house

These contracts have become very popular with our clients since we can prepare customized contracts that include standardized terms that we have perfected over the years along with terms that contractors feel are important to their own business. The costs for these contracts will vary depending on the amount of work involved.

Please contact or office for a quote on your particular needs!