Our Practice

The Law Offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman have established a reputation as one of California's most experienced and successful law firms in our field of practice -- construction law

There is no comparison to reputation. Our firm emphasizes all phases of construction law in both the public and private sector. Among other things, the emphasis includes Mechanic's Liens, Stop Payment Notice, Bond Claims, attacks on your contractor's license as well as preparing construction contracts.

Along with our proven record of professional expertise, we have a commitment to providing our clients with cost effective legal representation.

Our clients can expect to receive the personal attention of an experienced construction law attorney, the benefits of the firm's extensive background in all nuances of construction law, and the staff resources to deal efficiently with any type of construction related litigation. We do this with care and personal attention to give you peace of mind our clients deserve.

Need a construction contract written or reviewed? We not only understand what the contract should include, but are knowledgable and familiar with industry specific needs. Our attorneys are also supported by a pool of experienced expert witnesses who are ready to provide their forensic expertise in all types of construction matters.

Experience always counts and it all adds up to an impressive, winning team.

We put our reputation on the line each time we take a construction case. We have a reputation of contributing a solid effort and doing everything in our power regarding all of our cases. We have represented numerous contractors before the Office of Administrative Hearings, where the Contractors' State License Board seeks to discipline a contractor.

Our alliances with other professionals in similar industries, as well as the number of expert witnesses that we can bring to the table are invaluable. We also have special relationships with others within the industry as a result of our long-time commitment to the construction industry.

We have represented contractors and subcontractors in a variety of cases on numerous occasions, either directly or through an insurance company. Our experience and range of experience with cases puts us in a position where we come across very few surprises.

We have worked hard to establish a solid reputation in the areas of Construction Law, contractor and other professional licenses, and litigating and appealing decisions in the court system.

The bottom line is that with the law firm of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman, you will have experienced construction law representation that is experienced, talented and successful working for you to help protect your interests.

To find out more about Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman and how easy it is to put them on your team, please contact us.