Home Improvement Contract Required Clauses


Hopefully you are aware that California had new Home Improvement Contract requirements that went into effect January 1, 2006 and were again slightly altered effective July 1, 2012. The Home Improvement Contract still contains too many pages for contractors and homeowners preferences when all of the required language is included.

In addition to the Home Improvement Contract, there is also a Service & Repair Contract, but that has severe limitations and we actually do not recommend their use.

We provide for you a rundown of both the requirements for Home Improvement Contracts as well as Service and Repair Contracts. Keep in mind, this is just a brief summary (a shorthand explanation). This is not intended to be an exact statement of the law or to be used as if it were a contract. Any contract should be reviewed by an attorney prior to its use.

Requirements For Home Improvement Contracts
Requirements For Service and Repair Contracts

As you can see, the requirements are rather lengthy and may be somewhat convoluted. We would be glad to prepare any of the contracts you may need for you. Call us today for a quote.