Seminar Testimonials

Listed below are just some of the comments that we are received from our seminars in the past. 

"I want to thank you for your professional commitment to this seminar. I have received and reviewed the evaluation forms. Clearly this program was a success."

"Thank you for yesterday...I picked up/learned a couple more important issues on the Lien it ever going to be easy?"

"Thank you for your time and knowledge at yesterday's seminar on mechanic's liens, stop notices and bonds. I took back to the office an abundance of information to get familiar with. I actually had a dream that someone tried to place a stop notice on me!! Kept me up all night!"

"Interesting presentation of legalese interpreted in layman's terms."

"I attended your seminar, the construction law books you publish have been one of the best resources I have come across and I keep them handy for many quick references. Thanks again."


"Thank you again for a great seminar. I have heard nothing but positive comments!"


"Your seminars were great! Thank you so much for doing them. I continue to learn every time I attend."

"Enclosed are the survey results. I am not the only one who gives you high marks for both your knowledge and presentation. You are always our top presenter."