Our Book, California Construction Law

California Construction Law is written by the late Sam Abdulaziz, our own acknowledged expert in the field of California construction law. It is now revised and edited by his partners, Kenneth S. Grossbart and Bruce D. Rudman. The new 2016 edition of California Construction Law clearly explains how recent legislation and case law affect a wide range of potential legal hazards. There has been a complete overhaul of the information dealing with the Mechanic's Lien, Stop Payment Notice and Bond process due to SB 189, which renumbered much of theCivil Code, as well as other important new laws. 

California Construction Law also covers new laws affecting indemnification in contracts, registered salespersons, OSHA requirements on work related falls, off-road diesel vehicle regulations, lead paint rules, green building standards and much more. Any of these new laws could be a trap for the unwary! 

But with the 2016 edition of California Construction Law, you'll be able to safely navigate this legal minefield and collect the funds that you are legally owed. This book is a must-have for contractors, subcontractors and other professionals in the construction industry and is updated annually. 

Please take a few moments and review the Table of Contents or review an excerpt.

Table of Contents