February 19, 2014

CSLB Board Meeting Highlights 2/19/14

We hope that you enjoy the CSLB Board Meeting Highlights of the February 19, 2014, Board Meeting in Burlingame. For a downloadable copy in Adobe PDF please click here and save to your hard drive.

Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman


FEBRUARY 19, 2014
Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman

The Contractors' State License Board held a Board Meeting in Burlingame on February 19, 2014.

Board Members Present:

Chair, Joan Hancock; Vice Chair, David Dias; Secretary, Ed Lang; Kevin Albanese; Linda Clifford; Pastor Herrera Jr.; Robert Lamb; John O'Rourke; Bruce Rust; Paul Schifino; Frank Schetter; Nancy Springer; and Augustin Beltran.

Board Members Absent:

There were no Board Members absent.


The Chair, Joan Hancock, recognized Matt Kelly, former Board Member, for his years of service to the Contractors' State License Board.


Also recognized was the 300th Scam Stoppers seminar.


The Investigators that worked hard on the Green Works investigation, a company that was doing illegal walk-in tubs, were also recognized and commended for their hard work.


Matt Kelly took this opportunity to thank the Board, to bid farewell and encouraged the newest members to enjoy their time on the Board.




Intake and Mediation Centers (IMC)



The calendar year 2013 saw $8,845,842 in financial settlement amounts. This is an increase of 20%.


PG&E Partnership Status

Discussions are in the works to partner with PG&E in order to prevent public safety from being jeopardized with contractors strike gas lines, which usually occur because of contractor negligence.


CSLB Building Permit Enforcement Program

The Board has placed enforcing building permit requirements on high priority. Many educational items have been developed and issued as well as a statewide informational campaign.


If a contractor fails to pull a local building permit prior to performing the improvement, it is a violation of Business and Professions Code sections 7110 and 7090 and are subject disciplinary action by the CSLB as including a civil penalty assessment of $5000 per violation, an order of correction that requires payment of permit fees and any assessed penalties imposed by the local building department, and suspension or revocation of the license.


The CSLB has put forth their Zero Tolerance policy for those that fail to obtain building permits. There is extra focus on HVAC Contractors because they have a less than 10% rate of pulling permits. The CSLB is encouraging local building departments and the California Energy Commission and the Department of Housing and Community Development to filing building permit complaints. The CSLB has a Building Permit Violation Referral form for consumers, government agencies and law-abiding contractors to file a complaint against anyone who does not obtain the necessary building permits. The CSLB also has a designated consumer services representative as well as two enforcement representatives to screen and take appropriate disciplinary action.


Investigative Centers



Calendar year 2013 saw $3,283,729 in financial settlement amounts.


2013 General Complaint-Handling Statistics

Current CSLB staff can manage 2,905 pending complaints. As of December of 2013, the pending caseload was 2,889. The Board wants each enforcement representative to investigate and dispose of 10 complaints per month. As of December 1, 2013, there were 1,769 complaints open and under investigation with the capacity for 1,785. The Board expects the caseloads to rise and possibly exceed current manageable levels which will mean a longer investigation process for consumers.


Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT)



SWIFT conducts undercover stings and sweep operations throughout the state. Calendar year 2013 saw 320 sting and sweep days with over 1600 legal actions.


Training Update



There is an ongoing commitment to create training curriculum for staff that includes basic enforcement procedures, a mentoring program and specialized training. To date, there have been over twenty training sessions.


Possible Update of Electrician Certification Enforcement Policy

The CSLB is currently waiting on a report from the Department of Industrial Relations before furthering any update on this topic.



The Public Affairs Office (PAO) is responsible for media, industry, licensee, and consumer relations and outreach.


Staffing Update

The Public Affairs Office is full staffed with six full-time positions and one student assistant.


Website Highlights


Website Redesign Project

An entirely new CSLB website is currently in progress. It is expected to launch in spring.


Intranet Redesign Project

The employee-only intranet site, CSLBin, started in November of 2013, and new content is continuously created. It is imperative information for the staff around the state and cannot be accessed by the general public.


CSLB's Most Wanted

The CSLB has identified the worst unlicensed violators who are known to prey on vulnerable and unsuspecting homeowners who are involved in new home or home improvement projects. To be included in the CSLB's Most Wanted list, the violator has to have an active arrest warrant. There are currently nine suspects on the active Most Wanted list.


Application Instruction Video

A tutorial video that explains how to correctly fill out a CSLB license application was launched in August of 2012 and has been viewed over 25,000 times, approximately 1,000 every month since its inception. The application rejection rate still continues to bounce up and down.


Social Media



November 2013 through January 2014 saw a growth in Twitter followers of almost 100.



The same is true for Facebook likes. The Facebook page is averaging a new follower each day.


Video/Digital Services

The December 10, 2013, Board meeting was the first live stream of a southern California meeting, which included a Sam K. Abdulaziz remembrance video.



November 2013 through January 2014, saw over 13,700 visitors to the CSLB's YouTube page. Most viewers stay on the CSLB's YouTube page for an average of 20 minutes.


Email Alert Feature

This allows users to subscribe to the California License Contractor newsletter, News releases and consumer alerts, industry bulletins and public meeting notices and agendas. Since the December Board meeting there have been over 450 new subscriptions with a total of over 22,000.


The Public Affairs Office also continues to use a database that consists of email addresses voluntarily submitted on licensing and renewal applications. There are currently more than 78,000 email addresses.


Media Relations Highlights


Media Calls

There have been over a dozen media inquires since November 2013 that the Public Affairs Office has had to respond to by giving interviews.


News Releases

The Public Affairs Office aggressively distributes news releases to the media. From the end of November 2013 to the beginning of February 2014, there were seven news releases.


Press Events

There have been no press events since the last Board meeting but plans are in progress for an event in March to announce results for the annual spring California Blitz enforcement operation.


Industry/Licensee Outreach Highlights


Industry Bulletins

Industry Bulletins are sent out by email on an as-needed basis to almost 5,800 people and groups to alert industry members to important and interesting news.


Drought Preparations

The possible effects of a drought in California has the Public Affairs Office currently reviewing/developing educational materials for consumers looking to do drought tolerant landscape, well drilling, solar and/or other types of energy-efficient home improvements (to save money because of fears that energy costs will go up as a result of the drought); and increasing supply of educational materials to be ready to respond with outreach and enforcement in the wake of additional wildfires.


Video Production Highlights


First Live Training Seminar

December 4, 2013, saw the first live specialized training even from the Sacramento headquarters that was geared towards licensing schools with the purpose of clarifying the experience verification process that the CSLB uses to confirm a license applicant's journey-level work.


Publication Highlights

The CSLB just completed production on:

  • 2013 Accomplishments and Activities Report
  • 2014 CSLB Board Member Administrative Procedure Manual (update)
  • February 2014 Board Meeting Packet
  • Enforcement's Strategic Partnerships Report

Currently in production is:

  • Consumer Guide (booklet)
  • Mechanic's Lien (Spanish)

Currently in development is:

  • Contractor/Applicant Guide (booklet)
  • Contractor Outreach Materials
    • o Checklist of Consumer Questions During Bid
    • o Why You Should Hire a State-Licensed Contractor
    • o Building Permit Information
    • o Contractor Insurance and Bond Information
    • o Contractor Reference form
    • Description of Classifications Booklet (Spanish)


CSLB Forms/Letters

PAO is working with other CSLB divisions to review and update all forms and letters, and to ensure all distributed materials have received proper legal review and have been assigned a tracking number.


Community Outreach Highlights


Senior Scam Stopper Seminars

Senior Scam Stopper seminars are an ongoing effort between the PAO staff, legislators, state and local agencies and community-based organizations. Calendar year 2013 saw 76 Senior Scam Stopper seminars. This brings the total number of Senior Scam Stopper seminars to 299 since they began in 1999. There are currently 30 seminars scheduled for 2014.


Consumer Scam Stopper Program

The Consumer Scam Stopper Program began in 2012 because of the Senior Scam Stopper program. The mission is to help consumers make informed choices related to construction and home improvement. Until the staff is trained, most seminars will be conducted in the Sacramento area.




Legislative Proposals


At the December Board meeting, the Board voted to sponsor four legislative proposals as follows:


Business and Professions Code section 7011.4

This proposal is clean-up to legislation CSLB sponsored in 2011 (AB 2554 Berryhill, Chapter 85), to allow all CSLB Enforcement Representatives the authority to issue a written Notice to Appear. The current language for this proposal was suggested by the Department of Consumer Affairs, and has been submitted for consideration in the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee omnibus


Business and Professions Code section 7027.2

This proposal revises the requirements for advertisements issued by contractors that are not licensed.


Business and Professions Code section 7110.5

This proposal provides CSLB flexibility in pursing disciplinary action as a result of a referral from the Labor Commissioner. CSLB's recent implementation of disclosure of partnering agency disciplinary actions will provide a more immediate benefit to consumers.


Business and Professions Code section 7017

This proposal implements an audit recommendation to create a separate evidence fund. Staff submitted this proposal to the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee for consideration for its omnibus bill; the Committee did not accept the proposal.


Business and Professions Code section 7028

This is a provision from one of the Board's sponsored bills from 2013 and needs to be introduced in a new bill this year. The prior bill, SB 263 was originally intended to amend BPC §7031, and also made a change to BPC §7028, to clarify that an individual contracting with a suspended license is subject to the same disciplinary action as an individual contracting without a license. This language will be proposed for inclusion in the bill that will amend BPC §7027.2 and §7110.5.


Sunset Review

The Legislature periodically reviews all of the licensing programs within the Department of Consumer Affairs; each program is usually reviewed every four years. CSLB is scheduled to sunset January 1, 2016, which means the Legislature will review CSLB in 2015. The two policy committees with jurisdiction over the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee and the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee, will conduct the review. This spring, the Senate Committee will send out a template for a report CSLB will need to complete and submit by November 1st. The Committees review the information and conduct oversight hearings, which likely will be scheduled for early in 2015. This process provides an opportunity for the Legislature, the public, and interested parties to review the programs and make recommendations for changes.




The CSLB has been reviewing whether or not they should require a photo on the license pocket card and the home improvement salesperson registration card. This would cost the CSLB an estimated initial cost of $330,000, with the bulk for the purchase of equipment.


Consideration on this proposal:

  • Would each associated person have a pocket card with his or her photo, or would all associated personnel photos be on each pocket card?
  • In addition, in some cases, particularly with corporations and limited liability companies (LLC), the members of the personnel of record can be other entities, such as corporations and LLCs, and not actual people. Whose photo would be on the pocket license?
  • If the Board is responsible for taking the photo, would the Board charge for the picture or include it in the application process/package?
  • Would the Board raise its fees to cover the cost of the picture?
  • If the applicant provides the photo, how would CSLB be certain that the submitted photo was actually of the licensee?
  • Would the submissions be notarized?
  • Since appearances change over time, how often would the picture have to be updated?
  • Licensees receive a new pocket card at license renewal; would the photo be updated at each renewal? Would lack of an updated photo hold up a renewal?
  • From the consumer perspective, does this proposal truly provide an enhanced level of consumer protection?
  • Why isn't the pocket license in conjunction with a state driver license enough to provide a positive identification?

Given CSLB's license structure, where the license is issued to the business entity as opposed to an individual, the prospect of including photos on the pocket card may not be as beneficial as it would be for other professional license types, such as barbers, cosmetologists, or realtors. Given the complexity of the proposal, as well as the logistical and cost considerations, the proposal should not be supported at this time. The Registrar stated that it is well intended but not practical and the Board does not support this.




License Application Workload

Applications throughout 2013 continued to decline due to the economic recession and housing downturn. The average number of original applications received per month was down 4% from the prior year.


Limited Liability Companies

The CSLB began to issue licenses to LLCs in 2012. Since there is no case law for LLC's yet, an additional $100,000 bond is required for the benefit of workers relative to payment of wages and fringe benefits. This is to ensure workers are protected despite the absence of case law dealing with LLC's. Note that this bond is in addition to the $12,500 contractor bond. LLC's are also required to have $1,000,000 in liability insurance when five or fewer persons are listed as personnel, with an additional $100,000 required for each additional personnel, not to exceed $5,000,000.


Since the CSLB has implemented the program through to December 31, 2013, they have received 1,510 applications for LLC licenses. Of those, only 453 have been issued. The most common reason for the rejections is being unable to confirm the LLC name with what the Secretary of State is able to provide since the Secretary of State has such a delayed processing time.


Workers' Compensation Recertification

Due to AB 397 (Business and Professions Code section 7125.5), which became effective January 1, 2012, the Licensing division implemented a new program where at the time of renewal of an active contractor licensee, there is a need to recertify the licensee's exemption or provide a current valid Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance of Certificate of Self-Insurance. Since the law went into effect, the CSLB has started implementing these requirements for licensees expiring March 31, 2013.


Fingerprinting/Criminal Background Unit

Since the fingerprinting and criminal background checks were implemented, the Criminal Background Unit has denied 1,184 applications and issued 1,402 probationary licenses through December 31, 2013. Of those denied, 595 appealed their denials. There has also been a decline in fingerprint submissions since there has been a decline in applications.


Licensing Information Center (LIC)


LIC Workload

The LIC or call center has exceeded Board goals in the past few months. Call wait times averaged 2:11 with a 97% answer rate for incoming calls. The average length of each call was just over 4 minutes. This efficiency is attributed to staffing levels and training.


Staffing Update

The call center currently has one Program Technician II vacancy and recruitment efforts have started. They have also retained two part-time retired annuitants to work during peak call hours.


Increased Training

New employees have the benefit of training from seasoned staff and supervisors as well as cross-training in other units.


Judgment Unit

The Judgment Unit processes all outstanding liabilities, judgments and payment of claims reported to the CSLB by licensees, consumers, attorneys, credit recovery firms, bonding companies, CSLB's Enforcement Division and other governmental agencies as well as processing all documentation and correspondence related to resolving these issues.




Examination Administration Unit

The Examination Administrative Unit administers the 45 tests of the CSLB at eight different locations. There have been between 2,130 and 3,024 examinations scheduled each month for the calendar year 2013.


Testing Center Status

There are eight testing centers - Sacramento, Oakland, Oxnard, Norwalk, San Jose, San Bernardino, Fresno and San Diego.


The Oakland Testing Center will eventually be moved to Berkeley, it is scheduled for Spring 2014.


Norwalk, which handles the greater Los Angeles area has more testing than any other center.


Examination Administration Staffing

Testing has a vacancy for an Office Technician in the headquarters, two in San Francisco and one in Fresno. Proctors are continually added to the Department of Consumer Affairs list. Those who have not proctored at CSLB testing centers must be trained first.


Examination Administration Projects

The analyst/editor has been auditing one testing center each month while continuing to write the procedure manual.


Examination Development Unit

The Examination Development Unit ensures 45 examinations are maintained and updated in accordance with testing standards, guidelines and regulations.


Occupational Analysis and Examination Development Workload

There are two phases in the development process: occupational analysis and new examination development. These must be done every five to seven years for each examination.


Occupational Analyses in Progress:

  • C-11 Elevator
  • C-63 Plumbing
  • C-51 Structural Steel

New Examinations in Progress

  • B General Building
  • C-5 Framing and Rough Carpentry
  • C-10 Electrical
  • C-13 Fencing
  • C-28 Lock and Security Equipment
  • C-35 Lathing and Plastering
  • C- 45 Sign
  • C-50 Reinforcing Steel
  • C-60 Welding

New Code Regulations

Forty of the 45 examinations are currently compliant with the new 2013 California Building Codes, effective on January 1, 2014. The rest will shortly follow suit.


Civil Service Examinations

In addition to licensure examinations, EDU works on civil service classification examinations specific to CSLB. Examination development work was conducted for the Consumer Services Representative classification.


Examination Development Unit Staffing

Wendi Balvanz is the new Testing Division Chief and now they are in search of a replacement unit supervisor position.


Ongoing Consumer Satisfaction Survey

The Testing division conducts this survey of consumers whose complaint cases have been closed. This is designed to assess the overall satisfaction with the Enforcement division's handling of complaints in various content categories.




Personnel Update


Position Changes

There were five transfers within the CSLB, nine transfers from other state departments, six promotions and four new hires from November of 2013 through February 2014.


Training and Development

CSLB's Personnel Office also facilitated onenew T&D assignment in the Consumer Services Representative classification, and twoemployees completed their T&D assignments and have been appointed to Enforcement Representative I's.


Vacant Positions

February 3, 2014, saw 40.5 vacant positions.


Business Services Update



The CSLB is working closely with the Department of General Services (DGS) to complete the new Berkeley Office. The anticipated move is March 2014. The CSLB headquarters office front counter area was reconfigured and an upgraded security camera system was installed throughout the building.


Contracts and Procurement

The CSLB and the Department of Consumer Affairs are working with DGS to complete the final review and approval phases before executing a new arbitration services contract, which is expected to be awarded to AMCC. The CSLB executed various service contracts (i.e., meeting rooms and sound system equipment for Board meetings, maintenance agreements for new equipment, etc.).


Vacant Positions

The Business Services Unit is in the process of filling the last IWAS vacancy, which will fully staff the unit and help meet full production capabilities.


Training and Development

The training coordinator has processed and coordinated training classes for over 330 employees. CSLB staff attended a variety of SOLID training classes at the Department of Consumer Affairs, and 90 outside vendor training classes were attended. These classes consisted of a mix of valuable enforcement training, a variety of computer training programs, and business related training (i.e., analytical studies, business writing, customer service classes, etc.)


Records Management

CSLB continues to purge files that are beyond their useful life as designated in the Records Retention Schedule, and is in compliance with the Records Retention Schedule. CSLB continues to scan all new license files into the IWAS system. Staff is also reviewing and updating the existing Records Retention Schedule and submitting this schedule to DCA for review and approval.


Emergency Response Team

The CSLB Emergency Response Team met in January to review roles and responsibilities, update emergency procedures, schedule CPR/First Aid Training, prepare for upcoming fire drills, and review protocols for using communication devices (hand-held radios). The CSLB Emergency Response Team is tasked with safe evacuation of CSLB employees from the building in emergency situations such as a fire, natural disaster, earthquake, flood, etc.





The Department of Consumer Affairs' (DCA) new Enterprise Licensing and Enforcement System (BreEZe) went into production for Release One Boards on October 8, 2013.


The programs in Release One are:

  • Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
  • Board of Behavioral Sciences
  • Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Board of Psychology
  • Board of Registered Nursing
  • Medical Board of California
  • Naturopathic Medicine Committee
  • Osteopathic Medical Board of California
  • Physician Assistant Board
  • Respiratory Care Board of California

After all three releases are completed, BreEZe will be the largest enterprise licensing and enforcement solution in the world.


Partnering Agency Disclosure Project Update

The new disclosing of disciplinary actions by partnering agencies on CSLB's website will have the CSLB flagging the licensee on the CSLB website with an advisory statement and an electronic link to a partnering agency's website. Through disclosure via links on CSLB's website, awarding authorities and prime contractors will be able to easily access information.


IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk technical staff resolves Level-1 and Level-2 IT issues. Incoming issues are assigned within 15 minutes with 30 to 60 minutes resolution.


Interactive Voice Response System

This is an interactive, self-directed telephone system that is a valuable source of information for consumers, contractors, and others. There are dozens of possible menu options within the IVR system.


IT Security - Firewall Hits

The CSLB IT staff maintains high security on all of its information technology systems and applications. To date, using security best practices, CSLB's IT security systems have successfully safe-guarded CSLB IT assets and no unauthorized attempts have been successful.




CSLB Budget and Expenditures

The end of 2013 saw the CSLB spend about 49% of their Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget at $30 million.



The CSLB received about 1.6% less in revenue at $29.6 million.


CSLB Fund Condition

The Fiscal Year 2012-2013 saw the Contractors' License Fund with a reserve of over $28 million, to last about six months.


Proposed Budget Change Proposal

The proposed CSLB Fiscal Year 2014-15 BCP requesting additional resources (4.0 positions and redirected funding) for the Subsequent Arrests and Convictions Unit within the Enforcement Division was approved by the Department of Finance. The proposal still must go through Legislative hearings in the spring and ultimately be included in the Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget Act.


Construction Management Education Account (CMEA)

CMEA expended almost $4,000 through December 31, 2013. There are approximately 15 months in reserve.




The Board's 2014 Administrative Procedure Manual was approved.




This is a list of all of the activity and accomplishments of the CSLB over 2013.





1. Develop language for establishment of an asbestos abatement specialty


* June 2014

* Language is completed and approved by the Board; a regulation hearing is set for March; final approval by Board expected at April meeting.

2. Increase hi-tech security monitoring in testing centers.

* December 2014

* In process of identifying, purchasing, installing security cameras in testing centers.

3. Develop an online smart application package to reduce application decline


* January 2016

* This objective is tied to the DCA BreEZe project.

4. Evaluate the productivity of CSLB's Licensing Information Center and

determine if changes are needed.

* April 2014

* Re-evaluation required after recommended; ACD coding change completed for agent call wrap time.

5. Fully automate bonds and workers' compensation insurance submission


* January 2016

* This objective is tied to the DCA BreEZe project.

6. Expand license application video to other languages.

* July 2015

* Working with Public Affairs to identify languages and determine if outside vendor will be needed to complete the translations.

7. Inform applicants about the top reasons applications are rejected.

* Completed

* Information is included online and in "Completing a Contractor License Application" video.

8. Establish a task force to analyze the application process and reduce rejection


* January 2015

* Ongoing - Study of Exam Application process scheduled to begin 3/2014.

9. Implement an online licensure tool for credit card payment.

* January 2016

* This objective is tied to the DCA BreEZe project.



1. Update the Industry Expert training program.

* 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2013-14

* Development of IE Training Module completed; Module will be rolled out to Enforcement supervisors in March; Training to be conducted by each Investigative Center supervisor and staff; IC staff to determine which classifications are needed for each region and schedule training as necessary.

2. Provide for the disclosure of a partnering agency's administrative action on

CSLB's website.

* Completed

* CSLB now discloses Division of Labor and Standards Enforcement Civil Wage & Penalty Judgments and contractors subject to egregious Stop Notices filed with Caltrans; Staff continues to work with IT to assess additional programming needs to display additional state and local government disciplinary action disclosure.

3. Partner with the California Energy Commission (CEC) to create an energy

efficiency campaign.

* 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2014-15

* Staff has developed a campaign with CEC that will launch in March that includes establishing benchmarks, an Ambassador program for industry partners, and a pilot enforcement partnership with the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office.

4. Address enforcement vacancies in hard-to-fill geographic areas.

* Ongoing

* Investigators have been hired to work in San Luis Obispo, Butte, and Stanislaus Counties; Staff continues to pursue hiring in other remote locations.

5. Develop criteria and controls to monitor and prioritize proactive enforcement.

* Completed

* Regular meetings have been scheduled with Labor Enforcement Task Force and Joint Enforcement Strike Force partners to identify targets and refine enforcement strategies.

6. Automate an official educational letter to consumers who repeatedly hire

unlicensed operators.

* 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2013-14

* Submitted to the Enforcement Committee on October 24, 2013; Revised letter was approved by DCA Legal Affairs and approved by the Board on December 11, 2013; Staff is currently working with IT to automate the letter.

7. Prioritize enforcement complaints based on potential harm to the public.

* Completed

* The Board has approved the Enforcement Prioritization Chart; Staff reviews priorities on an on-going basis to meet changing consumer protection needs.

8. Conduct a feasibility study of a pilot program similar to law enforcement's

citizens patrol.

* 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2013-14

* The Butte County Industry Expert Volunteer Pilot Program was approved by the Board; A retired annuitant was hired on January 24, 2014, to implement the program.



1. Migrate CSLB's website to the new state of California website standards.

* Spring 2014

* 90% complete; final writing/editing/converting under way

2. Establish a multimedia unit with focus on video production.

* Completed

* PAO is now responsible for all meeting Web streams, as well as production of videos

3. Create an archive of consumer stories for use in various outreach efforts and

educate staff on the benefits of sharing information.

* June 2013, then ongoing

* Currently compiling stories

4. Complete the flagship contractor and consumer publications.

* Consumer, May 2013 / Contractor, July 2013

* Consumer: Graphic Design/Layout; Contractor: Copy Development.

5. Develop a contractor presentation kit.

* Fall 2014

* On hold, pending website re-launch.

6. Develop a CSLB style guide and brand standards manual.

* Fall 2014

* On hold, pending website re-launch



1. Review and recommend changes to simplify Contractors State License Law

and update by 2014.

* Fall 2014

* In process

2. Prepare and submit Sunset Review Report.

* November 1, 2014, to Legislature

* Internal team established to prepare report



1. Prepare CSLB for implementation of BreEZe. (Information Technology)

* December 2015

* Continuing to work with BreEZe staff to prepare for Phase Three release; Meeting with CSLB staff to discuss specific BreEZe requirements; Detailing functions that will directly impact CSLB operations; Working on data conversion

2. Create a Subsequent Arrest Unit through the BCP Process.

* July 2014

* Approved by Dept. of Finance; Needs to pass Legislative hearing this spring and be included in the Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget Act.




The Strategic Planning meeting will occur at the April 23-24, 2014, Board Meeting.


April 23-24, 2014 - San Diego

June 6, 2014 - Newport Beach with the Nevada Contractors Board

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