2017 Topics

Law Talk

Listed below are the Year 2017 Law Topics. Please click on the topic you are interested in to open the document.

Law Topic Publish Date
New CSLB Disciplinary Tool 12/6/2017
Independent Contractors vs. Employees 11/13/2017
But What About My Emotional Distress 10/9/2017
PAGA Decision 9/10/2017
DPT 1st Assessment Non Wage 8/10/2017
Is Your Settlement Enforceable? 7/10/2017
Contractors Beware 5/24/2017
Getting Paid! 5/1/2017
Limit Respond Defect Claim Right Repair 4/4/2017
Subcontract Agreements 3/9/2017
The Right To Repair Act 1/29/2017
What To Do When You Get A CSLB Complaint Form Letter 1/9/2017