2015 Topics

Law Talk

Listed below are the Year 2015 Law Topics. Please click on the topic you are interested in to open the document.

Law Topic Publish Date
Supplemental – Contractors License Bond Amount is Going Up – Part 2 12/14/2015
Contractors License Bond Amount Is Going Up 12/7/2015
15 Requirements For Home Improvement Salespersons 11/9/2015
Slip and Fall Claim 10/11/2015
Protect Your License 9/1/2015
Hire Licensed Contractors 8/12/2015
Failure To Report A Judgment 7/7/2015
California Construction Contracts 6/9/2015
Duty Of Care 5/10/2015
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution 4/13/2015
Contractors and Insurance 3/11/2015
Fabrication and Prevailing Wage 2/12/2015
Subordination Agreements and Your Mechanic’s Lien 1/11/2015